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For updates on re-opening school provision please see documents on front page Re-opening School Provision.

Re-opening School Provision

Re-opening School Provision Information document is now available and can be downloaded as a Word Document for school use.

Act of Worship on Returning to School

On returning to school we have created a suggested Act of Worship with notes on how to do Collective Worship in this next half term.

To all colleague staff and teams working in and with our schools

Thank you for everything you and your staff continue to do selflessly in our schools, on behalf of our children and young people. It epitomises what the Diocese stands for and the values it was founded on.

Please know that the work of all our schools and academies at this time is deeply valued by the diocese, National Church and most of all by our communities.

I appreciate that our resolve is now to be tested further in coming weeks. This pain will eventually pass because of the effectiveness of the collective actions of individual leaders, driven by personal commitment, faith and courage. Through decisive action we are making progress; know that hindsight will conclude that you were core to this passing, just through what has already been achieved by all schools across England.

With our thoughts and prayers.

Message from Andrew Read

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