The Diocese of Ely Education Directorate

Bishop Stephen’s Annual Lent Challenge

Bishop David came to view the Lent Challenge entries and sign the 2017 Lent Challengecertificates

Twenty schools submitted entries for the Lent Challenge 2017 after spending the season thinking particularly about refugees.  The time and commitment spent on the challenge by participating schools was impressive.  The original challenge materials can still be found below..



Each year, Bishop Stephen issues a Lent Challenge to our schools.

Challenges can be carried out by any grouping of pupils—a class, a key stage, a whole school, even an after school club or breakfast club. Different groupings could undertake the challenges in different weeks on the whole school’s behalf.

Schools which successfully complete the challenge receive a gold, silver or bronze award according to the commitment they have shown in observing Lent.




If you want to create your own weekly certificates for completing a challenge you can use the templates here:

Bronze           Silver        Gold

To receive your certificate from Bishop Stephen at the end of Lent send in the details of what you have done as an annotated  powerpoint or booklet to Shirley Hall at the Diocesan Office.  We would like to put some of these materials up online – so please do not send us any photographs that we cannot use for safeguarding reasons.

Additional materials from the Mothers’ Union can be accessed at