The Diocese of Ely Education Directorate

Becoming a Governor

Church schools have “Foundation Governors” as well as ‘parent’, ‘staff’ and other categories of Governor. The title “Foundation Governor” relates to the fact they are appointed by the school’s founding body – the Church.

In a Voluntary Aided School (VA), the majority of the Governing Body will be Foundation Governors. In a Voluntary Controlled School (VC), at least two and up to four members of the Governing Body will be Foundation Governors. In DEMAT Academies all governors are deemed to be foundation governors.

Every school has its own ‘Instrument of Government’ which clearly sets out the number of governors to be appointed to each category, and in the case of Foundation Governors, which body or bodies appoint them. It is usually the Diocesan Board of Education, local church PCCs and/or a Trust which appoints.

The local minister(s) is normally appointed as ‘ex-officio’ Foundation Governor(s); when the parish is in inter-regnum a temporary “Archdeacon’s Appointment” can be made to the ex officio seat.

As well as participating fully in the life of the Governing Body, like any other Governor, Foundation Governors also have special responsibilities for sustaining and developing the school’s Christian character.

All Foundation Governors must meet the Safeguarding requirements of the Responsible Body that runs the school or academy; typically this will be the Local Authority, Multi-academy Trust or Single Academy Trust.

Nominating a Foundation Governor 

When a new Foundation Governor is nominated to a school, or a governorship renewed, a Foundation-Governor-Application-Form -must be completed, signed and returned by any person nominated to serve as a Foundation Governor. An appointment cannot be made until this Declaration Form is completed and returned along with part two of the form which is to be used by a PCC to recommend a person to be appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education. Please note that currently Foundation Governor appointments are normally ratified on a termly basis at the meeting of the Diocesan Board of Education – please see the dates below.

From 25th May 2018, the diocese will not be retaining the personal details of any applicant beyond one month of the date of the meeting in which the application was considered, after which time the data will be deleted. The secure retention of the personal details of a Foundation Governor will be the responsibility of the school in line with the respective school’s Privacy Policy.

Dates for the main meetings of the DBE in 2018 are:

  • 15th March 2018
  • 12th July 2018
  • 27th November 2018

For all queries relating to the appointment of Foundation Governors contact Andrew Read on