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Diocese of Ely Schools September 2019

A new school year, new term and a new DBE newsletter!

The DBE team are looking forward to working with all our schools in 2019 and beyond.

The newsletter is designed to be a quick read for busy Headteachers and to share with colleagues. We will be sending out a Newsletter every half term with info and events and would also like to include activities from your schools. Download your copy here – .pdf

Our team and details are:

Andrew Read—Diocese of Ely, Director of Education,

Christine Page—Head of School Performance

Rev’d Sue Martin—Bishop’s Officer for Schools and Mission

Caroline Vinall – Lead Officer for SIAMS and Foundation Governance –


Our Ely Diocese Regional Advisers (EDRAs) are beginning to carry out their Autumn Term visits to schools. The DBE team is looking forward to hearing from them about all the exciting things that will be happening this term.

We endeavour to support our Church schools in the most meaningful way and, with this in mind, we are introducing a termly Leadership Forum for our Headteachers. The first will take place on 5th November at Grace House in Ely.

We are in the process of finalising the plan for the day, when our principal concern will centre on the well-being of the head teachers and their staff.

We are delighted that so many people have already notified us of their wish to attend and we are sure that everyone who participates in the Forum will go away with new ideas and valuable connections with other Church schools. This will be especially useful for new Headteachers, particularly those for whom this is their first experience of leading a Church school.

The dates for the Spring and Summer meetings are Tuesday 17th March and Tuesday 2nd July. Please make a note of these in your diary.



We are reviewing how best to support Foundation governors at all our schools.

As Governing bodies may change on a regular basis, please would you be so kind as to inform Caroline Vinall when a (Foundation) Governor vacancy arises, so that we are able to support where needed. We will in the future, be creating a vacancies page for Governors on our new website. ( )


SIAMS inspections began again under the new schedule in January, with five schools in the Diocese of Ely receiving the ‘call’ in the Spring Term and seven in the Summer Term,

The inspection process seems to have been very positive for all schools, with comments made by heads about the process being ‘empowering’, ‘enlightening’ and ‘smooth’.

We are very keen to ensure that all inspections are robust and transparent. All inspections are carried out by external inspectors and the allocation of schools to dates and inspectors is completely anonymous.


Last year we worked with some schools and some clergy to gather an information about the overall situation about the partnerships and relationships between schools and clergy.

We found a wide variation and produced an evaluation report which highlights some of the areas we need to work where there are areas of really effective ways to work together.

We will be sending out the Church School Covenant to schools over the next two terms and working on ways to enable good support for both schools and clergy.



Our website is currently being updated, we are creating a much improved site with a new look!

This term you will see it has a slightly different feel, and you can access all the usual pages. We will be adding more information to the site, and in January, the plan is to have a different layout and increased capacity and capability.


Halloween is All Hallows Eve which falls on 31st October and refers to the day before All Saints Day.

Having a Light Party?

Some Christians feel that Halloween doesn’t fit with their own beliefs. But it is hard to avoid it for children. The Church of England has some guidelines to help us to work with children in our schools in looking at Halloween in a different way.

We suggest that for schools there are two very helpful sites where you can download info to support your children at Halloween.

Scripture Union has suggestions on how to run a Light Party.

The Carve a Heart Campaign from World Vision offers a chance to carve a heart into a pumpkin and donate to help children living in fear – of hunger and poverty and to transform their lives.

For any further support please contact Sue Martin


Head Teachers’ Forum 5th November 10.00– 15.00 includes lunch.

We are establishing at Head Teacher’s Forum for every term. A chance to meet and share ideas and to explore current issues. Please contact Christine Page to let her know if you are able to join us.

Christian Distinctiveness / SIAMS Training for new staff and governors.

1st October – Alconbury Primary -1800

17th October – Barrington Primary 1630 – 1800

7th November – CSOC schools only – St Paul’s 1630 – 1800

14th November – Grace House, Ely – 1800-1930

For any further info please contact Caroline Vinall ( )


This will be available in Mid November and will also be available on our website.

Do let us know about your up and coming projects and we can share them.

Sue Martin

The Light Party image: Dyu-Ha – Creative Commons image, Unsplash

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