The Diocese of Ely Education Directorate

Christian Distinctiveness

St Peters Ethoscross 1A Church school’s distinctive Christian ethos is not an accident, it is something which is grown, shared and worked at.  The materials on this page are designed to support this process: 

The Church Of England’s Vision for Education (July 2016)

What should a Church school’s vision statement look like?  This version also takes into account the Church of England’s Vision for Education

Some Bible passages and your school’s ethos

Roots Shoots Fruits   This is a practical document to help Church schools think about their distinctive Christian roots and question how these manifest themselves in daily school life.

Christian Values

Christian Values  –  to help you think about what Christian values look like in action in your school

British Values and Christian Values – linking your school’s Christian values to the British Values headings

Spiritual Gardens and Prayer Corners and Reflective Spaces