The Diocese of Ely Education Directorate


Bishop Stephen talks about his Vision for Education

The Church of England’s Vision for Education (July 2016)  The Vision Document has been summarized in three different ways for different audiences.

The Head’s Version is about two-thirds the size of the original, but still retains all the main discursive sections.

The  Parent Version is two sides of A4 and is designed as a handout or to place on a website.

The Pupil booklet gives some suggestions on how pupils can be encouraged to think about the main themes of the Vision Statement and how they pertain to them.


Talks by the main speakers at the national conference on the Church of England’s Vision for Education on 4th February 2017 can be viewed on You Tube – use the links below:

Four TED talks

Archbishop Sentamu’s keynote address

Dame Alison Peacock’s address

Helen Matter’s “Hands on Vision”


In June 2015 the Ely Diocesan Synod adopted the Strategy “People Fully Alive: Ely 2025” with its five levers of change:

  • Nurture a confident people of God
  • Develop healthy churches and leaders
  • Serve the community
  • Re-imagine our buildings
  • Target support to key areas

The Diocesan Board of Education and Schools Team are fully committed to the Strategy as an integral part of their work with schools.