Gracious God, we give thanks for the life of your servant Queen Elizabeth, for her faith and dedication to duty. Bless our nation as we mourn her death, and may her example continue to inspire us as we pray for her repose in your glory; through Jesus Christ her Lord and ours. Amen.

WE pray for our new monarch, Charles III and for the Queen Consort, Camilla. Pour out your blessing upon them as they mourn the loss of the Queen and as he, supported by his consort and the whole Royal Family, learns from her service the nature of the calling to which he now responds; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Statement from our Bishops

Collective worship in schools

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Welcome to the Diocese of Ely Education Directorate

This is the website for church schools in the Diocese of Ely. We support our schools and communities to achieve high standards of education.

Our Christian ethos enables a strong sense of community through learning, love and leadership for our children and families, of all faiths and none.

Our Christian vision is the rock on which our values stand, enabling all children to flourish.

Life in all its fullness

I have come so you so you may have life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

The Carnival of the Animals  

Featuring 300 local school children singing, a live orchestra and professional soloists, Ely Arts Festival presented…

The Carnival of the Animals

A stunning performance by ten schools, who delighted so many people with their amazing singing and performance. Such a collection of outstanding students and an enormous credit to all who took part. 

Schools taking part were, Lantern, Littleport Ely College, Wilburton, Stretham, Ely St Johns, Witchford  Cof E, Sutton, Rackham and Ely St Mary’s. 

Our congratulations to all schools taking part, such a joy at the end of another busy term and school year. 

Welcome to the Carnival…

New course available for Authorised Chaplaincy Assistant in the Diocese of Ely.

A pioneering course to increase understanding and partnership working between church and the local church school. This is the first stage of a process for the development of a School Chaplaincy Programme.

Further information is available on the School Chaplaincy Programme page

Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022 Brave Believers was a huge success. In partnership with World Vision the Lent Challenge was sent to all our Diocese of Ely church schools. As the conflict in Ukraine developed it provided a much needed resource for children to express their own thoughts, including bravery, courage and faith.

All images by kind permission

These are now available on Lent 2022 as a video collection. This will also be on display over June in Ely Cathedral.

Over 46 schools registered that they took part in Brave Believers and 20 schools have returned the most amazing examples of the children’s work.

Further information is available on Lent 2022.

Many thanks to all who took part.

Rev’d Sue Martin

Bishop’s Officer for Schools’ Mission

News from our Diocese…

A picture of Reception Class at St Paul’s Cof E Primary School, Cambridge enjoying the pancakes they made for Shrove Tuesday before they started Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022. Brave Believers…

Ukraine conflict – a page of helpful resources

Ukraine Conflict

We are all collectively appalled and perplexed by the unfolding situation in Ukraine, with casualties and displacement growing. Deaths are rising, including it would appear of children. 500,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled the country since Thursday, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees, into neighbouring countries. This is weighing heavily in our communities’ hearts, consciousness, and concerns, including our children.

Our implicitly limited but well-intentioned response is threefold; first to respond to requests for help where appropriate (see below), second to support our children to comprehend what is happening and help them not be traumatised by it, and last but not least for those who feel able, to encourage prayer for peace and reconciliation

Material Help: First, many of you will be aware that we are already working in partnership with the Christian charity World Vision through this year’s Lent Challenge. They have launched their initial response focused on supporting fleeing Mothers with children who need emotional support, food, and accommodation and transportation to get to relatives in Romania or in the rest of Europe.


They need somewhere to stay and feel safe, and as colleagues we support them in this because they are an organisation that has a strong 70-year track record of working with children and families of all faiths and background in some of the most challenging global contexts.

Of course, they are one of a number of charities that you or your communities might wish to support, and we are not recommending one charity over another – please choose carefully.

Supporting Child Comprehension: Second, in terms of us all working with our own children, we have made resources available for you intended to help support which can be accessed by clicking here. These proven materials are consequent of the kind sharing of our colleagues in Coventry Diocese, with whom we network.

The teacher notes and the accompanying presentation are designed to support you in addressing the invasion of Ukraine disturbing the peace in Europe.

It is an act of collective worship that can be done gathered together in a large group or in smaller groups within classrooms, offering the chance for quiet reflection and pupils’ questions. Clearly making space for asking questions and communicating hope to pupils is an important consideration when approaching this act of collective worship, as is the care for UK Ukrainian as and Russian families.

Prayer: Finally, and not least, we encourage staff and parents to use the simple but heartfelt and direct-in-meaning prayer written by both Archbishops.. We have also produced an unofficial child-language version which is available here.

If you seek further support because you have concerns regarding the mental health impact of the uncertainties, images, and conceptual issues regarding the conflict, please do contact us – we are here to help.

Finally, the current world context adds an extra burden on all our leadership lives, on top of the exhausting and in itself disconcerting pandemic journey already experienced. Please do call me if you seek someone to share such burdens; that is what we are here for, and many colleagues do.

Peace be with you and your school communities,

Canon Andrew Read, Director of Education & Director of Mission and Ministry

A Prayer for Ukraine (unofficial adaptation for children)

God of love and fairness, we pray for the people of Ukraine.
We pray for peace and the putting down of guns used to harm each other.
We pray for all those effected by the war, and ask that you comfort them.
We pray for those who run countries to be sensible, listen to Gods message, and use love to decide what to do.
Above all, we pray for all children who are unsafe or frightened, that you would make them feel safe and cared for.
We pray as Jesus asked, so that we can all live in peace together.

Artwork from William de Yaxley c of E Primary School for Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge Hope and a Future…

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