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Our Christian ethos enables a strong sense of community through learning, love and leadership for our children and families, of all faiths and none.

Our Christian vision is the rock on which our values stand, enabling all children to flourish.

Life in all its fullness

I have come so you so you may have life in all its fullness.” John 10:10

News from our Diocese…
Boats on the River Wissey – from the archive of the Rev’d Sue Martin

Welcome back to the beginning of the new school year. I hope that you managed a good and very well-earned summer break, although I appreciate that many will have been working too.

We all hope that the period ahead will be less disrupted and that we can focus on re-building our communities and accelerating our learning journeys albeit in the shadow of COVID, but with hope for a brighter future.

I know that we will all seek to deal in the best way possible with whatever comes our way, and I express sincere thanks to all the staff and volunteers whose work in our schools is so appreciated by everyone across our diverse communities.

We look forward to supporting you in this collective endeavour.

With every blessing,

Kind regards,

Canon Andrew Read, Director of Education & Director of Mission and Ministry

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust has two free twilight webinars available.

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Education Sunday, which is 12th September 2021 is a day of prayer and celebration for all those involved in education.

For us this may be a time to praise God for the schools in our parishes, and to pray for teachers and students. The homily has been written by the Revd Sue Martin, Bishop’s Officer for School’s Mission…

Every step of our lives is involved in learning. Every day, every waking minute, wherever we are, and however old we may be, we are still learning. Education is the key! It is the key to our understanding, the foothold on which our ‘ladder of life’ is based. It fills our minds to grow, our hearts to understand and our souls to be refreshed. We all have a part to play in education, whether in our own lives or for our families.

Please follow the links to the full homily, prayers, hymns and resources as below.

The full Homily in pdf format – see more here.

The Diocese Sunday Morning resources web page – see more here.

New School ‘Lost Words’ Library an Inspiration for Wilburton Primary School

Children at Wilburton Primary have been enjoying their beautiful new school library, packed with lots of new and exciting fiction and non-fiction books.  The library is filled with images and wall murals taken from The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, and stacked with new books donated or granted to us.

Reading in The Lost Words library at Wilburton C of E Primary School

Further information on News and Events page of this wonderful initiative

Prayers for Hope from two of our schools

Dear Father,

Help us to share the hope in our hearts with one another. Enable us to give hope to others through Your work amongst us. May our land flourish by the preaching of Your name. In Jesus name. Amen

From Mepal and Witcham C of E Primary School – A prayer as part of their Giving Hope Passports

Dear God, Thank you for our NHS and for helping us through these rough times.

Help us to stay happy and healthy and to look after each other… We are hopeful that things return to normal soon. Please bless everyone with light and peace.


From Gt Gidding C of E Primary School – as part of their response to Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge

Artwork from William de Yaxley c of E Primary School for Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge Hope and a Future…

News from Isleham

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‘A patient’s journey through the NHS’ – Isleham C of E Primary pupils scoop first prize in regional Health Education England careers contest.

Abigail Jones and Ophelia Finlay from Isleham have been named the East of
England regional winners in an annual contest designed to bring awareness to the
range of roles within the NHS, and help encourage young people consider a career
in the sector.

11 year-olds Abigail and Ophelia, pupils at Isleham C of E Primary School, created
a video animation of a drawing showing a patient’s ‘journey’ through the NHS.
The incredibly detailed video showcases the various roles and departments in the
NHS, and how they link into patient care.

See the full story, images, video and Press Release on our News and Events page

Latest vacancies in the Diocese

Deputy Director of Education
The Diocese of Ely are seeking a proactive individual to operationally manage the delivery of the Diocese of Ely Department for Education. The successful candidate will work alongside the Deputy Director for Mission and Ministry to strengthen community mission, and to further integrate Church school provision within the community mission of our parishes.

Deputy Director of Mission & Ministry
The Diocese of Ely are seeking a proactive individual to lead, inspire and manage the priorities, workstreams and staff of the Diocesan Department of Mission and Ministry. The successful candidate will support the Diocesan Strategy Ely2025: People Fully Alive – A Strategy for Growth, working alongside the Deputy Director for Education to further integrate Church school provision within the community mission of our parishes.

Development Officer – Young People and Their Families
The Diocese of Ely are seeking a proactive individual to be an Enabler for parishes in the Ely Diocese – to support the envisioning, initiation and development of appropriate worship and nurture programmes for young people and their families.

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