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The Diocese of Ely are seeking a proactive individual to be an Enabler for parishes in the Ely Diocese – to support the envisioning, initiation and development of appropriate worship and nurture programmes for young people and their families. 

Deadline for Application: 3pm Friday 10th September 2021, or sooner should suitable applications be received. 

Full details of the Enabler post to be found here ..pdf

Governors and Headteacher Recruitment

Members of the Ely Schools Team are always available to support Church schools in the recruitment of new headteachers and will join the governor team for planning, shortlisting and interviewing.

Please contact Chris Page as soon as a HT vacancy is known.

Support from the Education Team

Each of our Church schools is an important member of our Diocesan Church school family.  The Education Team is not concerned simply with the recruitment of key staff and personnel, but also with mentoring and supporting them as they embark on their careers in their new schools.

Christine Page (Head of School Performance) leads a team of Ely Diocese Regional Advisers (EDRA), who meet with Headteachers on a termly basis to offer support and critical friendship.

Classroom image: Arthur Krijgsman, Creative Commons – Pexels.com

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