Acts of Worship for School Year 2021-2022

The documents for the Acts of Worship for every term in the current school year area available to download.

The Act of Worship is a valuable and important part of the work of a Church school and we hope these suggestions will provide you with support, resources and information. Please also share the link to this page with your member of clergy.

Collective Worship Collections

Ideas and themes..

Our 2021/2022 collections have suggested Acts of Worship for every week of the school year based on the Church of England Lectionary. See the pdf documents below.

They offer schools and clergy a link to ideas and themes to be used in primary schools for an Act of Worship during the week. They link to the church readings for the Sunday at the start of each school week.

We offer them to you as resources from Diocese of Ely Education Directorate. You are welcome to adapt as you wish to best suit your schools and community.

They are now available as a downloadable pdf for printing (.pdf) and for being part of your school planning for Collective Worship for each term.

Rev’d Sue Martin

Acts of Worship Summer 2022

Introduction to the Collective Worship Plans The Church of England Lectionary is divided into three years of Bible readings (Years A, B and C) which follow on from each other in a continuous cycle. Each new Church Year begins with Advent Sunday which falls at the end of November or the beginning of December, four Sundays before Christmas Day.

On each Sunday three readings are designated for use; usually one from the Old Testament, one from the Epistles and one from the Gospels. In each of the suggested acts of collective worship above the author has taken one of these three designated readings as their theme (except when a significant Christian feast day falls on a day within that week, when the readings for this day may have been used instead of the Sunday readings).

By using the suggestions above regularly, your school will be able to follow the pattern of readings which will be taking place in your local parish church, week by week, over the whole of the Church’s Year.

The dates given in the index are all Sundays.

The short titles for each week will allow you to select those subjects of interest to you.These materials were originally devised to be stand alone, but as several schools are using the lectionary suggestion given here to set their theme for the week we  include suggestions of other Bible stories on a similar theme to the original reading at the bottom of each act of worship. These are entirely optional. 

Delivering Acts of Worship in the Diocese of Ely