Support for Schools

Ely Diocese is required, under statute, to monitor Church schools and support those responsible and accountable for the delivery of education.

The task is delegated to a Diocesan Board of Education (DBE), which is supported by a professional team led by Andrew Read. The DBE’s responsibility applies to all schools within the Diocese, regardless of whether they are academies within the Diocese of Ely Multi Academy Trust (DEMAT), Voluntary Aided (VA) or Voluntary Controlled (VC) schools overseen by the Local Authority (LA) or stand-alone academies.

The DBE team is supported in the execution of its responsibilities by Ely Diocese Regional Advisors (EDRAs). These are either current or recently retired experienced Church school headteachers. Along with DBE team members, EDRAs are allocated a group of schools to and for whom they are responsible.

It is planned that each school will receive a minimum of three interactions a term from an EDRA, both telephone/video calls and visits. EDRAs seek to develop and sustain a strong and positive relationship between the DBE team and the schools and, specifically, to develop knowledge of each school’s particular characteristics. This includes understanding each school’s self-assessment of the criteria measured in external inspections.

In addition, the DBE team is available to headteachers and Governors at all times, in keeping with the supportive function that forms part of the DBE mission.

Supporting schools across the Diocese