Hope and a Future in our Schools

Children and staff in our church schools have produced amazing materials as part of Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2021 Hope and a Future.

Here is a selection so far and we will keep adding resources as they arrive. It shows that hope is alive and well!

The display below is an Adobe Spark presentation. You can see the great, artistic work the children produced. An almanac of care and creativity…

Hope and a Future

You can see this ‘Spark’ directly on the pages of Adobe.com here.

In addition we have some amazing videos from schools below. Thank you to everyone.

You can feel the energy…

Bottles of Hope at Barnabas Oley C of E Primary School in the Diocese of Ely. An inventive way to think about the pandemic and lockdown.

Pupils from Wilburton C of E Primary School have created pictures and videos to show how they have worked with Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge, including creating a Box of Hope! See more here

See their Google Images gallery here...
A wonderful set of sentiments…

Milton C of E Primary School near Cambridge brings a poem of hope from staff to children learning at home in lockdown.

Church Schools of Cambridge have created a set of resources linked to Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2021 placing psalms and gospel stories side by side. They allow space and room to wonder about our own distress and our hopes for the future.

The story resources are designed so the story can either be told by teachers/children’s workers/parents or watched in video form. The following wondering questions and response activities can be used in the classroom, via Zoom, or at home. The accompanying psalm-writing workshop presentation can be used to show children how to create their own psalms of hope.

See more on the pages of CSoC here:

Will you accept the Challenge?