Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022 Brave Believers was a huge success.

In partnership with World Vision the Lent Challenge was sent to all our Diocese of Ely church schools. As the conflict in Ukraine developed it provided a much-needed resource for children to express their own thoughts, including bravery, courage and faith.

Over 46 schools registered that they took part in Brave Believers and 20 schools have returned the most amazing examples of the children’s work.

The video below is a collection of works and thoughts from some of our schools. We have not identified all materials as sometimes it is best to remain anonymous.

We are deeply inspired by the quality of the materials and the inspirational and creative thoughts about faith, bravery and courage.

True Brave Believers indeed!

With many thanks to all our schools and to World Vision for being an inspirational and global influence on our work in Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022.

Rev’d Sue Martin, Bishop’s Officer for Schools’ Mission

Lent Challenge 2022 is about bravery and courage, being courageous advocates of the Christian faith in our lives, our schools, our communities and across the world.

Join us in this challenge as we discover just how brave we are, how God gives us all courage and how we meet our friends near and far to make this world a better place.

Discover through World Vision, our partners for Lent Challenge 2022, how the Christian faith can help us all work together across the world.

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Version 2b – updated 9th Feb. 2022

Supportive engagement from the Diocese of Ely