Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022 Brave Believers was a huge success.

In partnership with World Vision the Lent Challenge was sent to all our Diocese of Ely church schools. As the conflict in Ukraine developed it provided a much-needed resource for children to express their own thoughts, including bravery, courage and faith.

Over 46 schools registered that they took part in Brave Believers and 20 schools have returned the most amazing examples of the children’s work.

The video below is a collection of works and thoughts from some of our schools. We have not identified all materials as sometimes it is best to remain anonymous.

We are deeply inspired by the quality of the materials and the inspirational and creative thoughts about faith, bravery and courage.

True Brave Believers indeed!

With many thanks to all our schools and to World Vision for being an inspirational and global influence on our work in Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2022.

Selection of comments from schools

‘It has been really good and we are getting lots of impact from the challenges we are setting the children after each Collective Worship’

Folksworth C of E Primary School

‘We have a whole school display project in progress linked to the hopes, dreams and visions section. For the being brave across the world, we are inviting our partner schools across the world to take part in a project of sharing a time when they have been brave – hoping for some interesting examples from different countries.’ Gt & Lt Shelford C of E Primary School

‘Brave Believers fits in beautifully with our work with Courageous Advocacy and courage is one of our key values.  As well as guiding the worship, we are using the week’s planning as a basis of think pictures which the class think about in class with their teachers.‘ Eynesbury C of E Primary School.

Rev’d Sue Martin, Bishop’s Officer for Schools’ Mission

Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge, Brave Believers

Lent Challenge 2022 is about bravery and courage, being courageous advocates of the Christian faith in our lives, our schools, our communities and across the world.

View, print or download the document here – pdf external link

Join us in this challenge as we discover just how brave we are, how God gives us all courage and how we meet our friends near and far to make this world a better place.

Discover through World Vision, our partners for Lent Challenge 2022, how the Christian faith can help us all work together across the world.

The Christian season of Lent enables us to spend time in thinking about ourselves and others. We can reflect and learn about the lives of other people, finding out how we can help both in this country and further away.

Wings of Inspiration…

The following activities are guided to enable schools to take an active part in Lent. We have our own Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge, called Brave Believers and a focus on Courageous Advocacy. There are other projects too which we are happy to share with you.

We hope you enjoy the activities for Lent and being ready for Easter, when it comes.

Rev’d Sue Martin Bishop’s Officer for Schools Mission

Archbishop of York Young Leader’s Award

See the video below…

With 6 weeks of content Way Maker takes pupils on a journey through Lent, reflecting on Jesus being a Way Maker. It helps pupils explore what it means to be compassionate, accepting, bold, forgiving and a light in the darkness.

Jumping Fish

Jumping Fish and Experiencing Lent is available to purchase from the Diocese of Gloucester.

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Supportive engagement from the Diocese of Ely