Working with schools is a vital part of our outreach…

Working with schools is a vital part of the outreach of most churches, and many people have interest, expertise, and time to be involved in schools in a role of lay ministry.

This is a rewarding and specific form of ministry in the church. Schools form a large part of our communities and the church is a vital link in their understanding and knowledge of Christianity.

In the diocese of Ely we encourage people to be actively involved in enabling parish and schools to work together.

We aim to spread this interest further into the community and further guidance on the practical issues can be found on Parishes and Schools Working Together web link

In the first instance people who are interested should contact their local clergy to discuss possible lay chaplaincy. Contact can also be made through our Education Team and please email Rev’d Sue Martin, Bishop’s Officer for Schools’ Mission ( ).

Outreach: Image by Priscilla Du Preez, Creative Commons,

The work of the Lay Chaplaincy